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SC Singlemode Fiber RJ45 Network Gigabit 2 / 4 Port RJ11 Telephone Line Fiber Media Converter With Pair
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Note: this units must be used in pair. include 1x Transmitter(A) and 1x Receiver(B).


- Extend PCM Telephones and Network signal: 2/4 Independent telephone lines + 1 Gigabit Ethernet (100/1000 Mbps) port through a fiber optic cable to far end. Suitable for singlemode fiber for a long distance up to 20 km.

- Simple to Install, Plug and Play, no setup or configuration needed, SC connector for fiber optical port, RJ11 connector for telephone ports and RJ45 for Ethernet.

- Support Called id, Ring and Fax function, No Delay Transmission and Protocol Support: Unlike VoIP products – these converters transmit signals directly over fiber cables, thus offering NO DELAYS, plus support for fax & legacy applications that is not supported by VoIP lines.

- With our Telephone over Fiber optic Extender you can get faster speeds, less signal degradation, longer distance data transfer, better reliability, and more flexibility. Using a fiber optic cable can decrease costs over time because of the durability and reliability of the fiber cables. Fiber optic cables carry a low rate of bit error due to the fiber being highly resistant to electromagnetic interference.

- 4 channel POTS (Plain Old Telephone System) phone lines over fiber converter / extender. This Voice over Fiber converter uses RJ-11 modular connectors for each copper pair connection. FXO type unit connects to a telephone line (PSTN) or PBX station line and has the ability to detect ringing voltages and to act as a telephone. FXS type unit is the reciprocal unit and has the ability to act as PSTN and connects to a telephone device.

- Compact design, Durable Metal. Bilateral heat dissipation. LEDs for power supply and optical fiber link, data status indication can monitor the operating status of the system.

Phone RJ11 port specifications:

- Voice coding: PCM coding, 64Kbps per voice

- Crosstalk attenuation: ≥65dB

- Insertion loss: -3 ± 0.75dB

- Ringing voltage: 35 ~ 150V

- Ringing frequency: 17~60HZ

- Return loss: 20 db

Ethernet RJ45 port specifications:

- Rate: 100M/1000Mbps, full duplex, half duplex fully adaptive

- Protocol: Support IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.1Q (VLAN)

- Physical interface: RJ45, support AUTO-MDIX (cross line straight line adaptive)


Factory renovation, relocation distance call system, highway 122 phone system, Remote multimedia teaching/ campus monitoring, video conferencing systems, telephone intercom, phone calls, & ETC.

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