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Mini Optical Fiber Fusion Splicer Splicing Machine Fully Automatic
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Product SKU S898
Brand STPlus
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Product Description:

1. Chinese-English bilingual conversion.

2. Disassembly-free three-in-one universal fixture

(Pigtail optical fiber, bare optical fiber and FTTH optical cable).

3. Core alignment, welding in 7-9 seconds and heating in 18-26 seconds

(Heating time can be set and heating temperature can be adjusted).


High-precision fusion splicer combined with high-speed image processing technology and special precise positioning technology, can automatically complete the whole process of optical fiber fusion in only 9 seconds.

Field of application: It has the characteristics of light weight, convenient carrying, convenient operation, fast splicing speed and low loss, and is especially suitable for optical fiber and cable engineering, maintenance research and teaching in telecommunication, radio and television, railway, petrochemical, electric power, military, public security, and other communication fields.

Package list:

1. Welding machine host x1

2. Fuse splicer battery x1

3. High-precision optical fiber cutter x1

4. Bottle opener x1

5. CFS-3 Three Stripping Pliers x1

6. Fixed length line x1

7. Charging adapter x1

8. One power cord x1

(Optional: European standard, American standard, Australian standard, British standard, etc.)

9. Empty alcohol bottle x1

10. Blow the balloon x1

11. Brush x1

12. Tweezers x1

13. Product certification card x1

14. Chinese and English Manual x1

15. Toolbox x1

16. Cooling bracket x1

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