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High Precision 2 / 3 Hole Fiber Cable Stripping Pliers FTTH Tools
Price RM17.00 - RM32.00
Product SKU S527
Brand STPlus
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- 2 / 3 Port fiber stripping pliers, fast stripping without damaging optical fiber

- Wear resistance and corrosion resistance - High carbon steel material - Continuous fiber without residue

- Opening & closing safety lock design, it can be opened / closed by pulling to prevent accidental injury and facilitate storage

- Macropore large caliber can be used for stripping 2mm-3mm pigtail / jumper outer protective layer

- Mesopore medium caliber can be used for stripping 900µm-250µm pigtail / jumper white soft rubber protective layer

- Pinhole small caliber can be used for stripping 250µm-125µm coating of optical fiber core

- Return spring, automatic reset, easy to operate with one hand

- Adjustable occlusion, adjustable aperture of jaw adjusting screw

- The rubber coated handle is comfortable to hold, ergonomic design, anti-slip safety, reduce hand fatigue

- Precision 2 / 3 holes segmentation design, precision grinding of jaw, the circular wire stripping hole does not damage the fiber core.

- Return Spring, labour-saving reduction, easy & simple operation with on hand

- High quality pincers, sharp knife edge, durable & long service life

- Safety lock design, locking & engagement processing is smooth. Gently rotate to expand or hold the jaw firmly, to protect the jaws accidental injury


- Product model: VCFS-2, VCFS-3, VCFS-33

- Product material: tool steel

- Product size: 16.5(L)cm x 6.8(W)cm – (VCFS-2, VCFS-3)

- Product weight: 0.13kg – (VCFS-2, VCFS-3)

- Product size: 14.9(L)cm x 5.9(W)cm – (VCFS-33)

- Product weight: 0.11kg – (VCFS-33)

- Scope of application: 0.9mm~3mm tail fiber outer protective layer, 250µm bare optical fiber (coating layer) with soft rubber protective sleeve

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