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Fiber Optic Identifier Live Fiber Optical Identifier With Built In 10mW VFL 800-1700nm
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Optical Fiber Identifier is an important tool for optical maintenance, which is used for non-destructive fiber identification work, can be detected in any location of both SM and MM fiber. Meanwhile, it also has an LED light and 10mw Visual Fault Locator. It is the ideal instrument for an online test.


1. Digital display of relative optical power in the fiber

2. Portable style, can distinguish the direction and frequency of light without interrupting the fiber

3. Adopt "one-touch" operation mode to make operation simple and convenient

4. Provide corresponding adapter head for bare fiber and multiple pigtails

5. Can identify 3 commonly used signal frequencies, namely 2KHz, 1KHz, 270Hz


Wavelength recognition range: 800-1700nm

Identification signal type: CW, 270HZ±5%, 1KHZ±5%, 2KHZ±5%

Probe Model: Ø1 InGaAa 2pcs

Adapter type (mm): H 0.9/0.25 for bare fiber H 2.0/3.0 for pigtail

Signal direction: left and right LED sign

Relative optical power valuedigital display

Optical signal frequency: 270HZ, 1KHZ, 2KHZ LED indicator display

Working temperature (°C): -10~+60

Storage temperature (°C): -25~+70

Battery: 9V (airmail does not include)

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